Meena Jagadeesan

PhD Student

UC Berkeley

I'm a 1st year PhD student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. My advisors are Moritz Hardt, Michael I. Jordan, and Jacob Steinhardt, and I’m affiliated with the Berkeley AI Research Lab and the Theory Group. I’m broadly interested in the theoretical foundations of machine learning and algorithms, including its intersections with economics. I'm supported by an Open Philanthropy AI Fellowship, a PD Soros Fellowship for New Americans, and a Berkeley Fellowship.

Before coming to Berkeley, I graduated from Harvard with an A.B. and S.M. in computer science, math, and statistics in May 2020. While at Harvard, I completed an undergraduate thesis advised by Jelani Nelson. In the summer of 2020, I interned at Microsoft Research in the Machine Learning and Optimization Group.

Here's my CV and my contact info.


  • Learning Equilibria in Matching Markets from Bandit Feedback
    Meena Jagadeesan*, Alexander Wei*, Yixin Wang, Michael I. Jordan, and Jacob Steinhardt.
    Manuscript under submission.

  • Inductive Bias of Multi-Channel Linear Convolutional Networks with Bounded Weight Norm
    Meena Jagadeesan, Ilya Razenshteyn, and Suriya Gunasekar.
    Manuscript under submission.
    [arXiv] [talk at MIT]

  • Individual Fairness in Advertising Auctions through Inverse Proportionality
    Shuchi Chawla* and Meena Jagadeesan*.
    Manuscript under submission. (Preliminary version at FORC 2021.)
    [arXiv] [talk (20 min)] [talk (5 min)]
  • Alternative Microfoundations for Strategic Classification
    Meena Jagadeesan, Celestine Mendler-Dünner, and Moritz Hardt.
    ICML 2021.
    [paper coming soon!]

  • Multi-Category Fairness in Sponsored Search Auctions
    Christina Ilvento*, Meena Jagadeesan*, and Shuchi Chawla.
    ACM FAT* 2020. (Preliminary version at EC 2019 Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good.)
    [paper] [slides] [talk]

  • Individual Fairness in Pipelines
    Cynthia Dwork*, Christina Ilvento*, and Meena Jagadeesan*.
    FORC 2020.
    [paper] [full version] [slides from reading group]

  • Understanding Sparse JL for Feature Hashing
    Meena Jagadeesan.
    NeurIPS 2019. Oral Presentation (given to ~3% of accepted papers).
    [paper] [full version] [talk] [slides] [coverage]

  • Simple Analysis of Sparse, Sign-Consistent JL
    Meena Jagadeesan.
    RANDOM 2019.
    [paper] [full version] [slides]

  • Varying the Number of Signals in Matching Markets
    Meena Jagadeesan* and Alexander Wei*.
    WINE 2018. (Preliminary version at EC 2018 Workshop on Frontiers of Market Design.)
    [paper] [full version]

  • Dyson's partition ranks and their multiplicative extensions
    Elaine Hou* and Meena Jagadeesan*.
    The Ramanujan Journal, 2018.

  • Mobius Polynomials of Face Posets of Convex Polytopes
    Meena Jagadeesan and Susan Durst.
    Communications in Algebra, 2016.
Short papers
  • From Worst-Case to Average-Case Analysis: Accurate Latency Predictions for Key-Value Storage Engines
    Meena Jagadeesan* and Garrett Tanzer*.
    SIGMOD 2020 (2-Page Extended Abstract). Winner of SIGMOD SRC.
  • [short paper]
(* denotes alphabetical ordering)


  • The Performance of Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transforms: Beyond the Classical Framework
    Meena Jagadeesan.
    Undergraduate thesis, 2020. Awarded Hoopes Prize.

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Email: mjagadeesan [at] berkeley [dot] edu

LinkedIn: meena.jagadeesan